Slovak Legion Event Coordinator/Facilitator Job Posting

Closing date of November 25th and have interested applicants submit a resume to the office, “Attention Larry De Coppi”

Event Coordinator/Facilitator

Job Overview

The event facilitator is responsible for organizing outstanding events and be responsible for every part of event preparation such as assisting with clients to determine their individual requirements, approving menus, costing developing, creating floor plans and evaluating success afterwards. To be to be successful in this role you should have great customer service and organizational skills.

The event coordinator you should be well organized and possess a sound knowledge of vendor management. Excellent communication and attention to detail are vital in this role as our success depends on meeting our clients’ tailored requirements. This position works along side the Catering Assistant, Chef and Outside Vendors while reporting to the Manager.


  • Create a balanced working relationship with Catering Assistant
  • Creates a welcoming environment by meeting clients in person, responding to messages via email or phone call
  • Consult with customers to determine their needs and schedule follow up in person meetings/tastings
  • Provide necessary and additional information for client Inquiries/bookings
  • Assist with menu planning and set up requirements within company policy
  • Oversee contracts and deposits within company policy
  • Oversee function sheets in detail to be delivered to Manager, Chef with company policy
  • Oversee booking calendar and setting up of meeting spaces with Maintenance
  • Assist in physical set up requirements for each event
  • Oversee scheduling for kitchen and banquet staff including servers, porters and bartenders for events
  • Provided necessary financial information upon request
  • Create positive Vendor relationships to build future business
  • Creates and distributes company digital advertisements and postings via website and social media accounts
  • Create hosted events to drive and support business
  • Takes customer complaints or issues and pass them on to the appropriate parties
  • Provides support for team members when necessary/requested

Skills & Qualifications

  • Time management skills to be able to prioritize activities, especially when there is a high volume of tasks
  • Attention to detail to ensure that all company memos are free of any errors
  • Positive attitude for greeting customers, clients and vendors in a friendly and warm manner upon arrival, via email or over the phone
  • Communication skills to be able to communicate with internal team members or clients and understand their needs
  • Ability to produce Budgeting/Costing breakdowns prior to and following events
  • Strong organizational skills to keep multiple calendars organized
  • Ability to create and continuously uphold great Vendor relationships
  • Administrative skills for daily operations with computer programs including Microsoft Office and Excel
  • Flexibility to be able to move between activities and duties quickly if priorities change
  • Previous work experience in catering, restaurant management and or event planning
  • Previous success in planned events resulting in positive business revue
  • Ability to uphold a flexible scheduling practice and attend planned events


We are currently looking for Banquet Servers. Interested applicants must be available to work weekends and evenings.  We also hire and train highschool students for this position.

Duties include but are not limited too: set up of banquet hall before a banquet/wedding, serving food, coffee, clean up of hall after dinner, cleaning of dishes, etc. Duties due vary depending on the function.  

Candidates should be friendly and enjoy working with the public.

Drop resume at the Main Office of the Slovak Legion at 801 Atlantic Ave.

Attention: Larry


2 SHORT ORDER COOKS with Safe Food Handling Certificate.
 Leave your resume at the Slovak Legion Office or email it to




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